Life is Short, Live it Now

Throughout time, people will come into your life, and people will leave your life. Some may be around a lot, some may just spend a moment. Those that make the biggest impact, and share the most love, are the ones who leave the biggest void when they go.

Years ago, I also lost a young family member. He had been sick most of his life, and we were all blessed to have him around for the time that we did. In the brief two decades I shared with him, he left an important lesson . . . No matter how long your life is, life is short. You never know. Even when you have a hint, you never know. Even when he went, and we knew he would at some point (it was certainly not a surprise), I was still not ready for him to not be in my life anymore. That is one of life’s events that you are NEVER ready for. His lesson always stays with me, but sometimes, it gets pushed into the back of my brain more than it should. Until, that is, you get another painful reminder . . .

I found out this morning, that I lost a dear friend. I didn’t spend much time with him as I should have, and I will always regret that. I did, however, speak to him via social media, quite often. In all my 40+ years, and amongst all of the people I have met in my life, he was one of the ones who left a mark. He was a dear, sweet, kindhearted person, who left a vacuous void in countless people’s lives.

This friend of mine, he always thought of me, and many other people. In his death, his Facebook page is flooding with people remarking, “He was my best friend.” More than ever before, I see people leaving wonderful, loving words for this man. This simple man who loved others more than he ever loved himself. And even more amazing, he never bragged about it. He never boasted about all of the friends he had, or how much he did for others. You just didn’t know. He made you feel special individually. 

Isn’t that how the world should be, though? The world should be full of people with humility, positivity, good nature, and love for others. People should know that it’s the small things. The little things, like a silly Facebook post, or a kind word, that make people feel loved, sometimes at their worst, or even their scariest, moments.
We spend so much time trying to impress people, worrying about how we “look” on social media, working until we drop, leaving our families behind . . . And what will we have at the end of it all? PEOPLE are the most important thing in life. More specifically, the people we love. 

This friend of mine, he kept asking for me to come back and visit, as it had been awhile since I had seen him. I kept saying I would. I would try. But I didn’t. What would it have taken, really? A charge on a credit card? We charge credit cards every day. Some time off of work? I have stockpiled my personal time off almost shamefully. Worse, I love travel. Especially, air travel. Even worse, he’s not the only dear friend at that location. Some of my other most beloved friends and people live there. I have no good excuse, other than I let time get away from me, and I shoved that lesson about time too far back into my head. 

People aim for milestones in life, more than anything. They dream about love affairs, weddings, promotions, success, children, and on and on. So much so, that they forget to live in the “here and now.” Life is finite, we should ALL live in the “here and now.” It’s not about being married, or not being married, having kids, or not having kids, how old you are . . . It’s not about those milestones. It’s about moments, single events, individual people. It’s about those whom you love. 

I urge everyone to stop, evaluate what and who is most important in your life, before it’s too late. Life is short, you get no “re-dos.” Tell people you love them every chance you get, go see them, without delay. Live without fear and apprehension. And always remember that life lesson . . . No matter how old you get, life is a gift. 

In loving dedication to my dear friend whom I didn’t get to see one last time. Much love in the clouds with lots of puppies, and all that other “guy stuff.”